Thursday, August 21, 2008

3.97 !!! WOW

On my Wednesday edition of the Salvation Army hunt I found (drumroll.....)

A very nice minty stainless steel cocktail shaker (my love had been looking for one) missing the lid (1.99$). A red Pyrex small square bowl from the hostess set (.99 cents )and last but not least a flamingo pie plate, really crudy and dirty but only .99 cents!!! Oh joy oh bliss!!! That really made my day!

I won't be going downtown for a couple of weeks but I might visit other Salvation Army locations...After all I just found out about the 10 locations in the greater Montreal area!!!

After I had a nice lunch with two of my good friends: Annick and Annie, who happen to be ex-coworkers as well (but not ex-friends!!!). We had a ball. I really miss the social aspect of work! I did say tons of stupid and inappropriate things! Annie was wiping her eyes and Annick was hiiting the table with her fist! Good times....


Leilani said...

I can't believe you found pink Pyrex at the Salvation Army! I'm quite jealous. :)

Vonlipi said...

You never know what you might find...Think positive! ;)