Wednesday, August 20, 2008


HUUUUMMMM!!! Red pepper jelly with chipotle tabasco....Just spicy enough...That was one of my Monday projects!
The magazine said that this recipe was real fast (30min). It took me longer because the lids wouldn't snap, so I boiled a big ol' pot of water to sterilize them. 2 out of 3 snaped so I have a jar in the fridge...Oh well what can you do? I can't wait to try it on pork roast or pork chops or on tourtiere...(a quebec culinary specialty...basically a meat pie served in the winter or for Xmas, pork, veal and beef with spices...cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and grated potaoes...sticks to your ribs!) definitly not a warm weather specialty! LOL

1 comment:

Madge said...

one of my favorite jellies!
so good on a cracker with some cream cheese! :)