Friday, August 15, 2008

I WANT a Frost Garland casserole!!!!

Ok I have no picture of it but it seems that all my fave bloggers (most of them anyways) have found recently a Frost garland Promotional casserole!

Now I want one...NOW...RIGHT NOW! I haven't been able of finding one yet...bouhou, bouhou

Jade at Thriftaholic:A Tale of two addicts found one, so did Madge of Solid Cherry and so did the folks over at Pyrex love....I want one...LOL

I must admit I am suffering from casserole envy! I sure hope I find one in the States....Magical land of Pyrex, Charleston Chew, Raspberry marshmallow Fluff, Wheat Nuts, Cheese in a can and many more...Sigh


Cynthia said...

I am suffering with casserole envy as well. Jade found some incredible pieces.

Vonlipi said...

And Jade dispays those pieces so well!

Jade said...

Why thanks very much! :) I did "cheat" with my Frost Garland, I went to eBay. ~hangs head in shame~ But so many people were finding it and I had to get one! So I know how you feel. ;)

Vonlipi said...

Hey Jade I don't care if you cheated...everyone does...with ebay I mean! The important thing is that you have one!

disa said...
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