Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New treasures

Here is what I found at the Salvation Army yesterday for .99 cents. I enjoy embroidery and have done a couple of pieces, but some stitches I don't get...So this book has tons of information on all the different stitches plus really funky, weird ,organic patterns. It was after all, published in 1974!!!

TV tray! I got this retro beauty for
1$ in a garage sale held by a retiring caterer. I also got 500 cupcake liners (new) and 12 aluminum plates (new) for a dollar each. That was a sweet day!


Madge said...

i love that tv tray! once you make some cupcakes, you should serve the them on it! trays are so great in general. i need to start looking for more of them when i'm out. thanks for inspiring me!

Cynthia said...

Great finds out hunting. The tv tray is fabulous! Have a great day!