Thursday, August 7, 2008


I was kind of sceptical when I first saw these on the Internet. But now I couldn't imagine my kitchen without them. I use the teapot all the time and I even tried it to cook hard boiled eggs as seen in the book: Pyrex prize recipes. The eggs were cooked too much with that grey ring around the yolk (eurk). I might try the coffee pot to cook corn on the cob...I will keep you posted!

When you read old Pyrex advertisements, it is always stated that Flameware cleans easier. I don't think so! It tends to make a whitish film at the bottom, that is real hard to clean. I haven't tried Barkeeper's friend on it yet, we'll see.

But one thing is for sure, it is that I love the shape of these. Their look is so retro cool... And as long as you use the little metal grids, they are perfectly safe to use.

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