Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I went to the big city (Montreal) for my chiropractor's appointment. I was not looking for sales or deals...
But I stumbled into a Carlton Cards (The canadian Hallmark). I got an heirloom ornement of the 1965 Corvette and 2 Yankee Candle scented wax tarts for 2.26 tax included. A wax tart is 2.25 regular X 2= 4.50 plus the ornement was originally 19.00. So 19.00 plus 4.50=23.50 and I didn't add the tax yet. So I fugured the day was off to a good start!!!
The treatment tires me so much more now that I don't work....And I had planned a whole day of shopping (the after Xmas sales-the leftovers,Old navy, The Gap-I wanted to score a xmas candle,Chinatown-some lunch, some groceries, the Salvation Army....) You get the picture!!! Well at 10:00 am I was at the Salvation Army (slim pickings....I did see a red Pyres 402 bowl in need of a good home :()
At 11:30 I was bushed and sitting in one of my fav restaurant for burgers and fries: Mr Steer in operation since 1958 it features a round(like a ball patty) and suzie Q fries (curly fries) but not frozen FRESH fries- In my opinion to die for!!! I have been going there 35 years (OMG!!! None of us is getting any younger!!!). My Dad would bring me there during our Xmas shopping extravaganza.....He still does,when he's in town.
This is definitely a retro tacky kinda place and every meal comes with this little iceberg/carrot/cabbage salad in a wooden bowl and you either add
french dressing or oil and vinegar-that's it no other dressing. I always take number 2 medium suzie and a root beer or diet pepsi. It always brings back memories and makes me feel good! After I jumped in the 12:30 train (I didn't do any shopping).....I will have to go back on a non-chiro day!!!


Cynthia said...

Yumo! I love places like that to eat at. If I ever make it up that way we will have to meet there for lunch! LOL! Is it still freezing up there?

Vonlipi said...

Yes it is!!! It was minus 29 celsius last night....Brrrrr

Let me know and we will meet there!lol!