Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blogs I love

Just sharing a picture of Boubou in between naps (too much catnip!).

The first blog I discovered in 2007 was Solid Cherry a catalog of thrifted items (All the links are in my blog list) and I fell in love with the idea of taking pictures of found treasures and posting them in the Internet. How cool is that? I think I read that blog in it's entirety 2 or 3 times....I did hate my job at that time lol !

Then I found Thriftaholic a tale of two addicts (I love the title! Wish I had thought of it first...) I definitely would like to go thrifting with those girls. The only problem is that they haven't posted anything in ages.

If you're looking for an amazing recipe blog I suggest The Flowering Dogwood. If you like sugar, please do yourself a favor and try the caramel popcorn recipe! It is easy and soooooo good, you will want to do it again and again....

Springmont Cottage just fills me with joy. It is filled with everyday things that make me feel warm and fuzzy (thrifting included!)

Living The Local Life is all about life in New Hampshire with 2 kids and buying and living local. Great tips on going local and great recipes!When I found that blog I was looking for some low calorie options...and I thought Living Local meant Living Low Calorie lol how crazy is that????

If you want to see amazing necklaces (and more) visit The Misadventures of Mub and if you want to see a tireless crafter check out Lolie Craft.

2 of the blogs I follow give me food for thought (litterally) On Bradstreet and These Days in French Life. Go visit don't wait they will probably change your outlook on life.

I love all the blogs in my list otherwise I would delete them! But time is short and even if i didn't write about your blog doesn't mean it's not appreciated :)

I hope I have given you some suggestions for some blog tourism. Let's expand our horizons....


Leilani said...

Thanks for the sweet comment... we haven't been posting as much as we like (Internet has been very spotty for me at home and Jade started a new full-time job) but look for frequent posts in the coming months. :)

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the sweet plug for my blog. Also, thanks for clicking over and leaving a comment. It's great to be back!

mub said...

Thank you! I am a blog slacker at the moment being at home visiting my parents *L*