Thursday, January 8, 2009

Xmas tree Oh Xmas tree what will become of thee???

So once again it is time to put Xmas in storage until next December...sigh!
It makes me feel sad....yet....When I do yoga in the mornings I stretch INTO the tree!!! So what will happen to my tree?
My municipality has adopted new rules regarding garbage pick up: We have the recycling on Thrusdays-I tell you that bin is so HUGE- 2 people could stand in it!!!
Since they started collecting the recyclables we have gone from 3 garbage bags a week to 1!
I compost also (even in winter) I empty my little stainless steel pail (from Lee Valley) directly in the veggie plots and when the earth thaws I mix everything (seems to be working so far).
They also distributed a similar grey bin on wheels for the regular garbage-but we cannot put what we like in our bins-no grass clippins, dead leaves,earth,ciment,asphalt,flammable or explosive materials or anything that doesn't completely fit in the bin.....
So basically NO TREASURES!!! No furniture,mirrors and other interesting what nots that I would gather on Sunday night....I am sad!
The town's maintenance division is supposed to pick up bulky waste the third Friday of every month. Let me tell you that i'll be waiting to see what gorgeous stuff I can find next Thursday night !!!
About those dead leaves: they do pick them up but only in paper bags (that don't close) and only 3 saturdays in November- Where was I when they voted that one????
I live near the water and the wind is MEGA blowing all the time. Even when all my leaves are picked up, it winds and I get leaves from I don't know where, so I always have 5 or 10 more bags (that won't make it in time for the pick up....) Anywho....I had to call the town hall because I had no idea what to do with my tree and the new rules.
Well it turns out that they will pick up trees next week and turned them into mulch- Free mulch I could pick up at the maintenance division yard ( That I like!!!)
WOW that feels good! a good old fashion rant!

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Cynthia said...

My city has also changed it's heavy trash pick up. Alternating between yard waste and then other household waste/trash. We also recycle paper, cans and plastics. They stopped picking up glass. I wish they did. I feel bad throwing that away.

Stay warm!