Friday, January 16, 2009

Color and Chicken pot pie.....

I went to look at my Pyrex set in flickr and I realised that what I miss in the winter was the color.

My eyes need constant color stimulation (That sounds kinda After seeing that there are a lot of Supermarket groups in Flickr...I joined one!

And took out my camera during my latest supermarket visit! Maxi & cie (the superstore for the rest of Canada) is having a big 'recession' sale featuring the No Name brand. Most of their labels are yellow, which is a great treat for my color deprived eyes so I let

You have the wall of shame; now it is the wall of No Name! Second picture is pretty self explanatory.....tomatoes and cukes!

Last picture assorted veggies....Yum

Will the recession really change the way people shop,cook and eat?

Will people be leaving convenience food behind and start making food from scratch? We will have to see.

My mom was a real skinflint. She would wash saran wrap and aluminum foil. She would remove the mold from food and serve it up for supper and god only knows what else she did to save money! But we splurged on vacation. So I grew up being thrifty and repairing my socks instead of throwing them away, and making stock from chicken bones and buying an LCD TV. So I alternate between the thrifty and the spendy!!!
January is always a thrifty month because a lot of bills are due at the beginning of the year: the license plate renewal, the home and car insurance (but no Xmas credit card bills, because everything was paid on the spot!!!) At least I learn from my mistakes...

We're in a cold snap so all I can think about is comfort food. Yesterday I was surfing the web looking for a chicken pot pie recipe using biscuit mix for the topping and I found one in the Kraft canada site. here's the link if you want :
You can tell that Kraft want YOU to BUY their have cheese in every recipe (cheese is good but you need to leave the cheese alone sometimes!)
I didn't use the cheese, used a low fat cream of celery soup, fat free sour cream, skim milk and last but not least added fresh chopped parsley to the biscuit mix. Oh I also used frozen peas, fresh carrots and fresh green beans insteas of the frozen veggies (I know they are a gig time saer but I'm not crazy about the
It was delicious easy and very satisfying for those cold nights....Brrrrrr

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