Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thrifty finds

About a gazillion years ago (Ok more like 10), we decided cross country skiing was for us!!!

So we bought some skis and poles on sale, but no boots (why oh why???). Well needless to say the skis have been 'rotting' in the basement gathering sawdust and spider webs and probably mice poo (that's for another post...LOL.).

Since after Xmas we have been wanting to do some....finding 3 peg boots has been kinda problematic.

1) they don't make 3 pegs boots anymore
2) the second hand sport shop didn't have our size
3) No store has 'leftover' 3 pegs boots
4) The Salvation army had skis but no boots

Well today is wednesday and wednesday is church basement day- and it is 5.00$ a garbage bag of clothes or 50% off.

So I put on my longjohns (yes it's that kind of weather in western Quebec) and my trusty ski goggles and took a walk to the church.
I found this refrigerator dish with lid (.50c cents) and this excellent leather wallet (free). I saw some cross country skis near the door and asked the nice lady at the counter if they had any Xcountry boots and she said "if we have some they're in the back in the boxes",well they did have some and I found 2 pairs that will fit us! SCORE!!! I was sooo proud of myself!
We will be able to ski!!! I need to desinfect the boots but after that we will be good to go!
The refrigerator dish is not a Pyrex or a Fire King but an Arcoroc and was primarly used as a butter dish. My dad who's anti-plastic in the microwave or even for leftovers will love it!!!
I did have a lot of fun this morning but I gotta go! :)

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