Friday, January 9, 2009

Taking the tree down

So I was supposed to start yesterday but didn't do much....
At 6 this morning I was pulling out Pyrex from the armoire amd filling them with ornements.
I give myself a big pat of the shoulder for thinking about 'separating' the ornements so it's easier to put in the boxes....Of course Yoda was there to check everything and do the inventory...LOL
Third picture you can see the gorgeous cupcake ornements my dad gave me before he left for Spain...He's coming back tomorrow...I can't wait to see him...Probably next week for some Dim Sum in Chinatown.
Besides losing most of my social network, the thing I miss the most now is Chinatown. Sigh,
I would go every week, get weird veggies and ingredients and desserts and gross out my co-workers ( who were not very adventurous...) One exception my dearest collegue and friend Ann, who would treck to Chinatown with me and eat basically everything....Too funny!
She never thought the joint was too dirty to eat in (amazing) and followed me wherever I went. I miss her dearly...We talk nearly everyweek but we live very far away....Oh well!
So I can report that most of the decorations are in their boxes...supper is nearly ready...Oops I need to make coffee...hehehehe
I'll write soon, I promise!


Leilani said...

Love those cupcake ornaments! I always hated the time when my family took down our Christmas tree so now that I have my own apartment I keep my vintage Christmas items out year-round. :)

Vonlipi said...

As much as I was sad when mom put everything away, I have a feeling all the Xmas stuff would get on my nerves after a while...LOL

I still have stuff all over the place....and the reason I put it away is because I don't have enough space and SO would freak out! I have the "too much Pyrex" speeches once in a while...hehehehe