Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free! And other winter pleasures....

I should have blogged about this in early I'm such a naughty girl......

On one of my wednesday walks in late November(to the chruch basement) I spotted this little evergreen by the side of the road.

The owners of the house were working on their house and had ripped most of the lanscaping.

I couldn't believe my luck! FREE tree! Free tree!!!

Of course I dragged it back to my house! Too bad it was too short to bring in the house and use it as my main Xmas tree. But I always wanted to have a lighted evergreen outside...And this is just what I did with some nice LED lights! It was delicious....

Second picture is of my new (second hand) Santa. This year I declared that I needed (not wanted...NEEDED! lol) a plastic Santa to put outside.

I found an interior one at the Salvation Army (.49 cents) and we went for supper at my brother in law Pierre and he gave me his old Santa that he didn't use anymore!

Wow I sure was in Santa heaven!!!

Last but not least a picture of my snowman. I've had it for 10-12 years, found it at the hardware store and it was love at first sight...sigh! LOL

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