Friday, December 25, 2009

Henry's big adventure!

I got Henry as a Xmas gift 2 christmases ago. He fast became an hilarious tradition.
You can record messages in Henry and he replays them with a little quirky elf voice! So, us being the fun loving folks that we are, keep changing the messages and laughing and thinking of other ways to surprise the other with it.
last sunday I noticed that his batteries were dead, so I changed them but put them in the wrong way...If Dan hadn't checked it, I might have not been here today to blog about it! The batteries had become very,very hot and had become a dangerous fire hazzard!
Very carefully I removed them and let them cool. Once cooled i put them the right way and checked Henry a good part of the day and this time he kept his cool. We were scheduled for a roadtrip the day after so on a whim I decided to bring Henry on his first big adventure!
First pic: Henry is hanging out on the winshield...
Second pic: What is a roadtrip without Tim Horton's coffee??? Henry is sampling a double-double!
He loves his Tim! Here's a well known fact: Canadian's love their Tim Horton's coffee!
It was supposed to be a thrifting/shopping roadtrip and we had assumed that like here in Quebec the stores would be opened until 9 pm...But were not! And even some of our fave flea markets were closed all day.....!"/$%?&*(). In case you're wondering that is me swearing!

Rest at last! Here Henry is adjusting his side of the sleep number bed at the Radisson. We got a great deal on the room because, it's the off season and an additional rebate from the CAA...
Well, sleep tight Henry!
Again a very Merry Xmas to all!
It's 1 pm, I'm still in my pjs. We might go to the movies later....might is a big word. We don't have to go if we don't want to. We're having leftovers for supper. We had the Xmas dinner last night coz' here it's all about flexibility...


Linda said...

Oh I love Henry!!! How fun is that to take him with you. Glad you found out he was hot before he blew up! YIKES!! I love Tim Horton coffee. I took a vacation to Montreal a few years ago and it was my fav place!!! I never got out of my PJ's today.... smile!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

LOLOL! Those pics are priceless and glad you didn't lose henry... I spent the day in my... hmmm...what was I wearing? What every I woke up in but I think it was just icky clothes. lol

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Hilarious. Can't you get Henry doing Poutine? That would be the ultimate Quebec photo opportunity.
You must enter my toilet humour contest. Come visit.
Bye for now,