Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a Xmas miracle!!!

This past summer I won a Poffertjes package from Kim at The misadventures of Mub blog. I know that overseas mail takes a long time, but in this case I never got the package and some person somewhere, is stuffing their faces with my Poffertjes (small puffy pancakes)!!!
Well Kim was nice enough to send me another package that was waiting for me when I got home. Look at all the goodies the box contained! A poffertje pan (ok I can spell the word, but for the love of god I can't say it !!!), a box of poffer thingie mix and a squirt bottle specialy designed to pour the batter in the pan. Also a chocolate initial (I'm a sucker for european chocolate) and a totally amazing hand made full apron! To tell you the truth I have never seen an apron such as this...Total coverage! I could wear a party gown and still be able to cook with that apron.
And look at that cute pattern! Totally retro!
Thank you Kim! This was really worth the wait! By the way the initial is goooood! And I 'll keep you posted on the poffertje making!


mub said...

I'm so relieved it appeared this time *L* The apron is reversible too, so if one side gets dirty no one ever has to know ;)

Mom Walds Place said...

What a sweetie to send you another!

Fabulous apron! My hubby calls them glorified bibs. This one might even keep me clean!