Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Retro Tuesday on a Wednesday Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook

I'm one day late for Retro Tuesday becase yesterday I installed all the Xmas lights outside and I was too tired to blog!

It's beautiful! Not quite Griswold-esque but a good show nevertheless! Speaking of the Griswold's AMC was showing Xmas Vacation last nite and tonite. Definitely one of my all time fave Xmas movies! Everytime I cook a turkey I think of them!

But I digress! I have a confession to make...I'm totally addicted to the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook collection. I love their size, the pictures, the colors....hum cookbook....

I only made one recipe from that collection, very good apple betty. But I use those books more like novels or picture books...I read the recipes and look at the pics and daydream of having a 1963 kitchen. I wouldn't want Betty Draper's kitchen I found it quite drab!

Look at the cover! It all looks so glossy and perfect (and green). This book is designed to save time to homemakers. I didn't realize that it was a preoccupation in the 60's. This books relies heavily on canned and frozen foods (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Check out the ingredients for the Shrimp Almond Sauce....Frozen shrimp soup...eeeeewwww!

Look at the last pic...with it's little sandwiches around the mustard pot...and those meaty blobs with mashed potatoes and a toato wedge on top...Mystery meat...

Even if I find some ingredients gross I can't help buying those books when I see one...Help! LOL
If you haven't please check out the creator of Retro Tuesday's blog at . It's always fun!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I'm with you, I find a lot of those recipes gross sometimes - and I still can't stop buying the old cook books. I don't know why. I really don't. I am just so drawn to them!

Is that nuts???

Linda said...

I love these old cookbooks. The table settings in them are so retro! Well of course they are, lol, they are from the 60's! I love seeing dishes that either I have or I've seen at Antique Malls. So much fun, but well I don't cook from them!