Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Retro Tuesday: Salads....

Just what is a salad?
Here's what I found on the Webster online dictionnay: any of various usually cold dishes; small pieces of food mixed with dressing;OR SET IN GELATIN!!!
Which explains a LOT! I already spoke of my Jell-O mold aversion. My mother's family would do them all time and of course this being the 60's and 70's I had NO CHOICE, I had to eat those giggly pucky things!
So today I bring you the Salad Cook Book from the Better Cooking Library.
Printed in 1964....right smack in the Jell-O mold heyday!
I found this book at the Salvation army of course and I could not resist it....Unfortunately the pics are black and white....but still quite explicit.

Beets and Cucumbers in Jell-O....I rest my case! And perfect for Xmas too!

ok now what is this??? Frosted vegetable loaf...I laughed sooo hard I just scanned the picture and didn't bother with reading the recipe!
Do you entertain with Jell-O molds? Jiggly salads? Frosted food? Please leave a comment to tell me how! It will be fascinating!
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Linda said...

I have had many a jello mold salad in my day, but have NEVER made one. Love the cookbook, retro salads, how divine!

Maureen said...

Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! There is no possible food texture that can match up with Jello. Never had one. Never will.

CC said...

I actually like some jello salads..yes, I know I'm in the minority. Some are quite good and some are so bad they can't be described. I would love that cookbook to add to my collection tho. I do have one rather large salad cookbook, but could always use another. :)

Lidian said...

Oh my stars, this is just my cup of tea (not the gelatin molds, which aren't even my cup of gelatin, but the making fun of it) - I have the Vegetables volume of that series and it is just as revolting as the Salads one, even in black and white.

Vonlipi said...

CC: well I'm glad to hear about someone who loves jiggly salads! Write me at valerie.barbeau@gmail.com we might be able to arrange something about the book.

The only jell-o mold I did enjoy was a cranberry orange mold that my grandma would make at xmas. I truly enjoy reading about the way we used to eat. Things have changed so much!

Thank you for visiting!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh my, it was jiggly day yesterday! LOLOLOL!

That is really too funny...great minds think alike, indeed!

Leilani said...

There are times I'm really glad I didn't live back then... this time it's because I loathe jello! I know, I'm a bit of a freak, but I would have really suffered if I was expected to make 15 different types of molds (my fav recipe book is 'The Joys of Jello'... it's pretty much jello food porn).

Anonymous said...