Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Retro Tuesday: It's all about color!

I was looking for something that would cheer me up coz' I'm all stuffed up and feverish and voice less! It seems it's the Xmas flu that you have because you're too tired and stressed out.
I had a friend call last night wanting to come over for coffee and I just had to say no, raincheck please!
Colored paper tissues! I feel an allergy coming on! I remember a time when you had to have paper tissues that matched your bathroom! I remember pink
tissues in our downstairs powder room...
Notice all the lilac in the pic! the background, the flowers in her hair, THE HAIR!!! Too much! I'm calling the hairdresser RIGHT NOW! I need some lilac hair!
I'm sure you realise I'm puling your collective leg! But it would look cool nevertheless!

Hummm! Food coloring! Subject of many childhood food fantasies...I loved dyeing everything I could lay my hands on! Blue milk is soooo cool even some 30 years later! That runs in the family too! My dad used to dye milk too!
Here's my craziest food coloring adventure: I was having an Halloween party and wanted to make a cool cake. Orange cake and black frosting...So I buy special paste food coloring and the clerk tells me to use just a bit, it stains! So I bake a beautiful orange cake with tangerines pieces inside and orange liquor. I make the icing and I put a bit of black paste in, I stir....it's pale grey, I add some more, still pale....I swear, I add some more,I stir, still not black....I end up adding all the jar of black food coloring! The icing turns out charcoal grey, I tell myself that i'll serve the cake that way, what can I do about it?
The party was a success. However I had a couple phone calls the next day....people who had dentures, now had royal blue dentures, one friend vomited bright blue and the rest went pottie royal blue! We laughed about it for days! Now 15 years later, I know that I should make chocolate icing and then add black food coloring!
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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

All I can say is...omg...

hahahahahaahahahahah! about that cake and Ive had the same thoughts about the tissues and toilet paper too

I almost done ads for the pink and blue and yellow toilet paper which I remember fondly and wish I could get :)

Maureen said...

Haha! Live and learn. I remember in high school in home ec class (yes, I'm that old!) when we were making blueberry muffins I wanted lots of blueberries for flavor. The whole muffin was blue - dough and all!

concretenprimroses said...

what a funny story. The ad brings back memories too.
ps I like your appetizer supper too