Monday, December 28, 2009

Retro,kitschy appetizer supper

So we celebrated Xmas on the 24th with an appetizer supper....It had been a kitschy fantasy of mine for quite a while now. I love the idea of having little bites of this and that and I didn't feel like cooking a turkey! I will probably cook the turkey for new year....turkey....YUM!
Ok now for the appetizer supper! Clockwise from left: Salad buns stuffed with meat (ti-pains fourr├ęs a la vinade), green salad with homemade catalina dressing,asian green beans, smoked salmon, cold cuts plate, cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon, an assortement of crackers, herbed cream cheese and pot stickers.

The big hits were the pot stickers and the bacon wrapped sausages. They went in a blink of the eye! They might not have been all vintage recipes, but I had the please everybody and some vintage recipes can be scary,jell-o mold anyone?
The real vintage recipes were the bacon wrapped sausages and the salad buns stuffed with ground meat. The salad buns are a real hit here and I have a suspicious it's a Campbell recipe because you need a can of Chicken Gumbo. But alas I have looked for it in the Campbell web site and nothing. I nearly made Cheese Dreams from Kraft (another vintage gem) but decided against it. Cheese Dreams id made by taking hamburger buns splitting them, spreading them with Cheezwiz and adding half a slice of bacon on top and broiling it 5 minutes. It might make tis next year but with baguette slices instead of half a hamburger bun. Next moring I noticed that I had extra cocktail sausages (which were dangerously close to their expiration date so I took out the bacon and wrapped another batch....We had those for breakfast! LOL
See you tomorrow for Retro Tuesday! Bye


Linda said...

Oh what a fun idea! I am going to turn 60 this coming summer and I think I'll have a party with vintage recipes! Thanks for a great idea!!


Leilani said...

Yum, bacon wrapped sausages sound great! I really like the idea of making little dishes rather than a heavy dinner... feels like a '50s cocktail party (especially with all those vintage Pyrex on the table).

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

WOW! What a great idea! Wish I'd done that... I ordered italian food instead which was way less work but not nearly as much fun!

bemyfantz said...
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bemyfantz said...

bacon wrapped sausages, sweetie darling, it looks so good!!
Lard we love lard!!

Thrifted Treasure said...

LOVE it!!! Bacon wrapped sausages, 2 pig products in one! Can't beat that! I'm envious of all your gorgeous aqua pyrex!