Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bad Miss V!

The weather has been wet and cold here in Maine. We were able to take walks between showers, shop and visit a big 16,000 feet Goodwill that contained NOTHING interesting. In its favor it was very,very clean!

If I compare it to the Sally Ann I visit...the Sally Ann is like a Petri dish and you could operate in the Goodwill! Clean but boring!

We both came down with colds so we slept a lot,watched loads of tv and are currently working on a puzzle.There is nearly's like somedy pulled out the sidewalks, closed the town and pulled down the shades...Most everything is closed for the season. 

Henry has been laying low, waiting for the nice weather to arrive. Today was sunny and hot and we took the opportunity to go to Portland. 

Yes we took Henry with us!

We visited a candy store and Henry pestered us to buy him some chocolate dipped bacon...

(yes it looks like something else...)

Henry is finding it mighty tasty! Me not some much! If you ask me it's a definite waste of BACON!

Portland's waterfront is lovely, really, I totally urge you to go. One more tourist won't make a difference! I wonder where they all came from....
So it's 11:30 nearly time to go back to the car and try to find the restauurant that Dan picked from a magazine more than a month ago...I get in the car, reach for my water bottle, I also want to check up on Henry and his bacon...Henry? Where's Henry? Have you seen Henry? OMG I FORGOT HENRY ON THE PARKING METER!!! WHAT THE F***! I'M SUCH A BAD PERSON! POOR LITTLE ELF IN THE STRANGE CITY, HIS BELLY FULL OF BACON, WHAT IF SOMEBODY TOOK HIM! OMG! HIS FANS WILL NEVER FORGIVE ME!!!

Let me tell you I was freaking out! And Dan always the picture of calm, said we'll go back maybe he's still there. So we drive (thank god I remember where the candy store was!), I get out of the car without closing the door and I run and, and, and he's still there digesting his bacon but really pissed off at me!

So Henry made it pretty clear that I owed him lunch with drinks!

This is the place that Dan picked, it used to be a gas station.

Well Dan has really good taste (hehehe!). It was delicious and very exotic. We had tacos Al Pastor, Fish tacos, grilled beef quesadillas and mexican style corn. Henry and I had mojitos.

Henry downed his pretty fast!

 Here's what happens when elves are drunk, head over heels in the cutlery!

The sun was so warm that we drove back as fast as we could so we could hit the beach!

Have a great evening!


KobysCache said...

Oh Henry!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Bad BAD Miss V!!! You would have been in so much trouble had Henry not been a good elf and still sitting where you left him. And next time, not so much mojito for Henry!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

You are hysterical! You know about the bacon - i just tried bacon peanut brittle and it was not so good. Not sweet enough for brittle not bacony enough for something bacon flavor so yuk. a miss all around

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

The chocolate dipped bacon looks a little like an octopus tentacle.

Maureen said...

Oh V - you are crazier than a bed bug!

I just realized that you are in Portland - have you done the Route 4 antique lane? I drove it once but couldn't stop. Boooo-hoooo!

Vonlipi said...

No M, I've never had the pleasure but I will look into it!