Saturday, September 25, 2010

Faucet Blues

I bought this faucet about 5 years ago...

It was cute and on sale!

It started dripping about 18 months after I got it; so I went to the hardware store and a friendly salesman told me it was very frequent with th ekind of faucet I bought and sold me a washer and spring.
I changed it and we were back in business!

About a year ago it started dripping again, I changed the washer and it continued to drip....I let it be. I didn't know what to do and didn't feel like explaining my woes at the hardware store.

So it's been dripping for a year. Last weekend since I'm already in an hardware store buying a kit to close the pool so I bought more washers and springs.

Wednesday between trying to apply for that job and closing the veggie garden, I tried my hand at changing the washer again.

Guess what?


So I check out the Peerless website (yes it's a Peerless faucet) and they tell me if changing the washers doesn't work, I need to change the stem....Ok now I'm swearing...oh yes big juicy swears.

So i go to Canadian Tire and buy 2 different stems (we never know) and I peddle back home.

I worked on it for 3 hours! I kept changing the stem, the washer and still dripping. Turning on the water, turning it off...!"/$%?&*(
At one point I decide to try the other stem and I forget to turn off the water, yes you read right!
It was like a freaking GEISER in my bathroom, everything was wet! The ceiling, the drapes, the cat liter, INSIDE THE DRUG CABINET! OMG!
Of course I was drenched! So I manage to close the water and dry everything off with towels. Now I have 10 wet and dirty towels.
So I decide to do a load of laundry....The washing machine DOES'T WORK! WHAT THE F****???
 I try all the breakers and still it doesn't work, I'm about to cry.....
Then I think of reseting the protected outlet and guess what? the washing machine is on the same circuit!

So now the faucet has a new waser, and spring and stem and....


I guess I need to buy a new faucet....  


Toronto Yardsaler said...

Peerless should change its name to Clueless. LOL
I'm guessing you're sitting under a blow dryer right now.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Not a fun day! I hate a dripping faucet!! Good luck with finding a new one! Maybe not Peerless!

Douce France..... said...

I can just imagine your face!
Not fun. But you made me laugh, sorry! We just change the one in the kitchen, it was dripping too.
Just bought new ones instead. They have white handles similar yo yours. Have a good evening!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

ohhhh man i hate stuff like that. dont get me started on my faucet!