Monday, September 13, 2010

Yawn! I'm falling asleep allover!

A very warm and vintage welcome to my new followers! I hope you'll find your visits entertaining!

 So this morning is my first day of freedom from PCOU (postal counter of unjoy). After I supervised Dan's morning , I went back to bed with a book and cats...needless to say I was asleep before you could say cacciatore!

On Friday, my last day; I started freaking out that I had no pics in my uniform! So some autoportraits were in order!

Here I am in the backstore with my dinky polo shirt and name tag. This is the best pic of the bunch, really, I tell no lie. The rest made me look totally retarded, mentally ill, serial killerish and ginormous; sometimes all in the same pic. And boy do I need a haircut! This summer was so hot and humid that I wore ponytails,clips,barrettes and all kinds of assorted hair thingies, I barely noticed that my hair grew long and shapeless!

On my way in I saw this in the parking lot...

I guess this is a floor cleaner/polisher. I found it strange and wonderful just waiting there. And definitely vintage! Yum turquoise and white!

And on my lunch break I visited the grocery store where this vintage lovely was hanging out...

A toaster oven of some sort...The electric cord was covered in fabric!

Look at that control panel!

I'm glad I got to capture these delightfully out of place sights! Thank God I carry my camera EVERYWHERE!

Have a happy week! Man h man I'm still sleepy!lol


Linda @ A La Carte said...

You look so cute and Happy!! I think it was because it was your LAST DAY!!

Yawn bed, book and cats! Sounds good!

Douce France..... said...

Now you will have the time to get sexy for the hubby!

Maureen said...

Oh boy it must have felt good to go back to bed! Especially after a miserable job. Going to a job that you don't like is no fun.

P.S. You pic is nice. I did the same thing with my hair this summer. I was always putting it up in clips and one day noticed that I neglected to get it cut for most of the summer. Oh well. C'est la vie!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Nobody rocks the Shopper's uniform quite like you. I worked at Loblaws for years and when I went in for my interview for the teaching job I now have, I raced from work, which meant I was wearing a dirt encrusted Garden Centre uniform. Fortunately my stink didn't work against me.
You must feel like a free woman. Go girl!!
I'm still up for dumping greasy pasta salad on Evil Post Mistress of the Dark. Just let me know.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I agree with Linda! You look cute and happy! But I'm sure it's cause its your last day! LOL...

And you know it's funny, I've gone back to bed the last two days - whats up with that?