Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Mish Mash

I've been having this....

On my mind lately....

Yep some fried seafood....It would do mama some good!

Next week at this time I will be walking on the beach...Oh yeeeesssss!

But right this minute I'm making blackberry jam, yum! And running around trying to get everything ready for fall. Like close the pool, pool girl was busy this weekend! And ripping up the vegetable garden, this was a bad season for tomatoes! I have only a dozen and they're still green.
The edamame yield was better than last year and it's all frozen for future meals and snacks, I have 3 batches of pesto in the freezer and a last one on the way. The cukes were great and so were the cherry tomatoes. The lettuce was terrible, oh well! It happens!

I realized that I had a photo album full of recipes I have never tried! So I read them all yesterday and decided to chuck the book and make some room for all the free ones I found.

I'm catching up on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain  and I must admit he's not as bad as I first thought, in fact he's quite entertaining and makes me travel cheaply! Thank you for visiting Dubai, it's certainly a curiosity and now I know I will never go! Too hot,dry,dusty and I would spend the whole trip saying that they wasted their money on stupid things like the indoor ski resort. Imagine all the money and ressources wasted to operate this place!

I give nicknames a lot to people, sometimes it's upfront and sometimes it's nasty business behind their backs it depends on the case. Now my latest creation is 'Plastic Face' and the recipient of it is Leah Miller host of SYTYCD Canada. Leah is 29 years old and between seasons she had so much plastic surgery she looks frozen in time. I think it makes her look like an older Holywood actress trying to hold on desesperatly to her youth (Read that Mary-Louise Parker? with you vending machine nose?). Leah you ARE young, lay off the plastic surgery! You will so regret it later in life.

Ok about the vending machine seems that ALL the actresses go to the same plastic surgeon and he only knows how to make one nose! Watch tv and you will agree!

As you may or may not know; I take country line dancing lessons. It is great fun and great exercise!
 Since we learn at least one dance each week, sometimes my brain turns to mush and I get all the dances mixed up; so I turn to Youtube as a learning tool. Yep all the dances I've learned so far are in there; so I watch them and learn and unscramble my brain.

Of all the videos I've watched most are of all asian women dancing, line dancing must be really big over there....Here's a taste!

That is a fun dance but a terrible song! Tennesse Waltz surprise, shhisshhh! Most of the words are in german, the rest in english and every body LOVES that song. So I didn't sleep well last night all I could think of was that stupid song! LOL

And last but not least let's celebrated fall with this....

Pyrex, fall and pumpkin; how cute is that???

Have a great week, faithful readers! :)


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh the surgery, man. That is something that bothers me so much about the food network. I can tell the year the show was done by the face Sandra Lee or Paula Deen has.

I mean, isnt there something wrong with that? Its distracting from the show and I didn't find anything wrong with the way they looked. I get a touch up, trying to look a little younger and all but they look SO different from year to year.

Maureen said...

Oh cool - you're headed for the beach next week! Back to Maine? September and October are my favorite months to visit the beach. The crowds have gone, the water is still warm (uh, Maine? Maybe not so much but not bad.), hotels are cheaper. Something to look forward to for sure.

I was so disappointed last year when my tomatoes kicked the bucket. It wasn't just me though. It was widespread in New England. At least you had other things do well.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh I'm envious of your trip to the beach. I am heading to Texas in Oct to visit Mom. Have a great time! I love the fall look with Pyrex and Pumkins!