Friday, September 17, 2010


1.25 is what I spent at my fave church basement....for these goodies!

And these...

A whole lot of cook books! Vintage cook books, you know how much I love them!

So I got 6 cook books, 3 small Mason jar (the perfect size for homemade pesto), a unopened bag of peat pellets (perfect for next spring seedlings) and a brand new still wrapped Wrebbit puzzle (I will be taking that one on vacation with Dad).

Not bad for 1.25$ !

Ok now for a SDM tidbit: When I was working there, I didn't just mann the postal counter...I did that while EPM was on lunch break. After she would send me to 'the floor' and she would say it like it was a disease; you know with a disgusted face...
What I did on the floor...I checked the expiry dates on the products. Remove the expired ones and place sale stickers on the ones that would expire in 30 days.
Now I don't want to bad mouth the lady before me (she was really sweet and trained me) but while I was there I threw out so many products the manager was flabbergasted, so it makes me wonder just what she did because I found some that were expired since 2008 ( that is ANCIENT for lube!)

Ok enough for now! Off to grocery shop I go!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

OK that is some serious loot for $1.25! I love vintage cookbooks also. SCORE!!

Maureen said...

$1.25 is crazy! Good for you!

Jabacue said...

My mom had a ton of these! Where did they go? Good deal for you.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh I haven't gotten many new old cookbooks in a long time. I got the 'cards' but that made me realize its been a while. And shoot. I don't have any room and how sad is that?????