Friday, September 24, 2010


OMG what a crazy week! I feel like I ran around like a chicken without a head all week long! I know some of you are a lot busier than I am, but by my standards..whew! BUSY!

I had the basic chores around the house, preserved,dried,froze,vaccum sealed garden bounty, tried to prepare for a vacation and tried to apply for a job.

By trying to apply here's what I mean: One of my dear,dear friends, whom I've had the great honor to work with sent me an email for a job posting at the new company she works for. Being 2010 everything is ONLINE...!"/$%?&*( !!!

So I'm filling out all the fields and I press save and I get an error message that I didn't filed the Sources field....funny I'm sure I did! So I fill it again and save and same message! So on the first day I must've filled that online application 10 times (no exageration). Nest day same thing, I contact the online support...something about my cookies, I fix it, same story....I re-contact them, they say they've fixed it, same story....Ok you get the gist!

So tomorrow I have to find an internet café and try to fill it from another computer.

And admist of all that chaos...the doorbell rings and I see the friendly postman's face and he gives me a box. I wasn't expecting anyhthing.

   I open the box and I find these goodies sent by Linda from A La Carte . All for my B-Day! Two darling au gratin dishes from FireKing, a Betty Crocker cookbook, a sweet card and ...and....and....a Pyrex Autumn Harvest gravy boat! You can't go wrong with Pyrex!

I'm very touched by her gesture and couldn't have arrived at a better time!

Thank you Linda you're a sweetheart!

Now this is what I've been working on in the veggie garden...

I kidd you not this collard is about 5 feet across! I actually sowed it last summer and it didn't amount to much. This spring much to my surprise it showed up again! So I'm not a southern girl and I know nothing about collard greens, ok except the bacon/pork thing and cook it a really long time. So I'm blanching some so I can freeze it and enjoy it this winter. I don't have time to process it all so I hope the plants are sturdy enough to last until I come back.

I was lucky enough to spot this Blue Heron on wednesday while running errands. I'm always in awe whenever I spot them. It's like I see a great treasure, a miracle, which it is by the way.

It's friday night, time for Supernatural (season premiere) and then Triple D (Diner's,Drive-ins and Dives).

Have a great night! :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...
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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Let me try again! I am sorry you had such a crazy week, but I am so happy you enjoyed your gifts!! I was hoping you didn't have that piece of Pyrex! Enjoy and happy weekend.

Blackberry said...

They're really pretty birds and they move cool. We saw them on the river while camping.

De tout, de rien said...

I totally agree, it is a big deal when you see rare birds! I put up a hummingbird feeder this summer and every time a hummingbird came and we were outside, I would shush everybody so as not to scare it! My family thinks I'm nuts.