Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Eat & Stay Slim!

Hello everyone! So yesterday I made the blackeberry jam and it took FOREVER! I am telling no lies good people of bloggyland! FOREVER! lol

I made 14 jars and I enough to fill another 2 cups jar and a small fridgie. That is a lot of jam!

Now on to Retro Tuesday! Today's installment is brought to you by Better Homes and Garden's Eat and Stay Slim lifestyle cookbook. I found this book in the church basement last week.It was published in 1968.

Some illustrations are hilarious!

I remember GranMimi (my paternal grandmother) had one of those butt shakers in her basement...I would use it every chance I got!

We all know that those machines are the BEST way to loose weight!

I had a major gag reflex when I saw this spread...

Tuna salad on an Iceberg Ring! EEEEEWWWWW! That definitely takes me back to my mother's side of the family dinner parties!
 The red drink on top is called Glistening Beef-O-Mato Soup, it's a cold soup. Might be delicious with vodka on a hot summer day...The other one is Cuke-Buttermilk soup, it's cold as well...Pass the barf bags!

If you feel you need more torture you can exercise as well with the help of this book!

I only scanned one page...and if you need to see more write me!

Have a great Retro Tuesday! Go visit my pal Tracy HERE she might not do Retro Tuesday, she might be blogging about her super exciting cooking experience at the Unilever test kitchens, but it's still highly entertaining! 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love old cookbooks! The photos of the food and maybe if we are lucky PYREX is great. I also enjoy all the old dishes. Still this one with the exercise is a hoot! Thanks for sharing on Retro Tuesday!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

NOPE! I did retro tuesday! yay!!!!! And omg was that lettuce suspended in gel??????? And im with you on the cold puke soup...

Jabacue said...

Hey, we've come a long way! So glad we didn't get 'stuck' there.

Blackberry said...

Alrighty then, Imma need the rest of those exercises. Walking- how can I figure that out without instructions? Much obliged.