Friday, November 9, 2012


You know I've been feeling bad about the rotten wood on the house, the absence of a balcony and the fact that I felt we were left behind by the reno workers.

Of course I'm not in charge of this project....Dan is and I never seem to get all the facts!

Last night I was getting stressed nearing the house...there was talk of work and wood, and measurements, railling.....

So last night we came home to this....Keep in mind that I could not take a pic last night.

This tiny tiny wood step ladder.
We were laughing so hard! Of course most of the workers are in their 20's or 30's.
They can't imagine that quasi-seniors live here!
The earth was loose and the ladder tippy!
I'm happy to report that all the rotted wood was removed and replace with new treated wood and a vapor barrier was installed as well.
 I will have more progress updates for you soon.
Now for some shopping/thrifting front.
I went on my annual window shopping trip to Holt & Renfrew, Montreal very chichi departement store.
And I was shocked by what I saw! Is it that because you are rich , your common sense leaves you?
That you don't mind paying $25 for a dozen shortbread cookies?
That a sweater for your dog costs $90, the price of a trip to the grocery store?
Cute dog sweater....
Scary price tag!
Tower of cookies
Yep you saw that right!
$120 for a tower of cookies! Are they hand crafted by vestal virgins on the slopes of
Mount Vesuvius?
I don't think so.
I took Dan there tonight for a show and tell...It gave us some great conversations!
And it make me feel good that I spent $5.99 at Renaissance and I actually used some Sears points to purchase a Xmas gift!
Now I promise that tomorrow I will take some pictures of my Xmassy thrifty finds to show you.
I hope you're all toasty warm with a full belly snuggled up next to your loved ones, furry and otherwise.
Sandy's damage was a big shock for us, let's face it usually this kind of  crazy bad destruction is seen in warmer climes....
so we've been gathering some emergency stuff. I will take some pics to share with you and of course your suggestions and comments are always welcomed!   


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Honey that little ladder would never get this lady in that house! Glad things are getting done and hope you have 'real' steps soon! OMG on the stupid prices...even if I could I wouldn't!! It just goes against my grain to waste money like that. Can't wait to see your Christmas goodies. I'm packed and heading home tomorrow! Hugs, Linda

grunge-queen said...

Yeeks, thats why I never shopped at Holts - just admired the downtown window displays, like you.

I'd have issues with that ladder too - scary. Hope it's not there for long.

P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog a few weeks ago. :) xo

De tout, de rien said...

Lol at the ladder! That's a broken limb waiting to happen. Can you say law suit?

Wow, those cookies must have gold in them. When we visited the Louvre in Paris, there was a beautiful chocolate shop in the basement store gallery. We looked through the window. The prices were all around a hundred Euros per kilo!!!! (That's 2.2 lbs for our American neighbours.) Those are some lotsofmoney chocolates, as my nephew would say!