Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From the Pyrex archives!

Ok so now I'm just starting to photograph the Pyrex....here are a couple of pieces.

This one I got at Value Village in the West Island, it was 7.99. I remember quite vividly running around the store with it in my arms, so excited!
This one actually has a name! It is called the 10 cent casserole. It comes from Ontario (A great spot for Old Orchard pattern...). I got it from Ebay and nobody bidded on it , except yours truly. The shipping wasn't that outrageous (8 $ or something). So I don't feel guilty. I have mixed feelings for Old Orchard, because i find that pattern kinda ugly, but I love Old Orchard Beach (oob) so it brings back memories. Memories of fun, sand, water, lobster and PYREX!
When i started collecting Pyrex (last summer) it was innocent enough! I was looking for a red 402, a blue 401 and a yellow 404. I only had the green 403 given to me by my mother.

I bought my first piece in Paris, NH (I think). In a charming little antique shop right on the road. It was a blue 402 and i couldn't recall for the love of god that i was looking for a red one!

It was 7$ and turns out (I just recently found out...) That it is a Horizon Blue 402 bowl! Thank God for this wounderful site "The Pyrex Files".Well live and learn.
That's it for today. In a later post, I'll write about the rest of the Pyrex Beginning!

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