Monday, June 16, 2008

New day, new begining

Good Monday folks!

One of my downtime project was to become an Ebay seller to get rid of some stuff, and i did just that las month.

Friday I sold my first item, an pre-1970's Tayo Blink-a-gear robot. I was real excited, but down at the same time, I was sure I was going to get more money. But I sure got i lot of experience!! All that shipping stuff, BRUTAL!

So today, i packed my robot and i was kind of sad....I had that robot for as long as I remember! So it like 40 years! I included a picture of the robot(it will be traveling to the UK shortly...) and myself. NASTY picture i tell you!!!

Here are some pictures of what i scored last week at salvation army...
3.99 for the cake pan, 2.99 for the snowflake dish
3.99 for the Woodland 441, 1.99 for the cactus pot.
The fols at Salvation army are catching on about the Pyrex (!@#$%^&*())%$#@^%^). It seem every week it is more expensive!!! I know it is for a good cause, but you know....not my wallet!
Last Friday, i did a bit of putting away in the Pyrex department, because my better half told me the the big wood armoire containing most of the Pyrex, was sooooo heavy that a floor joist cracked(urban legend? I haven't seen the joist in question yet....)
In my next posts i will try to include pictures of my Pyrex collection,and other...

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