Friday, June 20, 2008

I love orange

I was getting discouraged yesterday at the Salvation Army, when I spotted a flash of bright orange, in between ordinary stuff..There it was...Just like I wanted, bright, shiny, and so, so orange. I flew to it (I would've pitied the fool who came between me and my Pyrex!). I held it in my hands, not believing it.
Isn't gorgeous? Of course you have to love orange! I found the lid on another rack, and I couldn't believe my luck.
However I'm not sure it is the right lid, because as per my research, that is a pre-1950 lid, and I don't think that color existed in the 50's. If I'm correct that dish would be part of Citrus, and I just looked it up and it seems that was introduced in the 70's.
Besides that i found some Hazel Atlas cups, but I haven't cleaned them yet, so no pictures! I'm keeping that for a later post.
That's all folks!
Have a nice weekend


Madge said...

LUCKY YOU! Yes, gorgeous! And girl, I too pity the fool to even *try* to come between me + my Pyrex. I hope we never meet. ;)

Thank you for leaving your sweet comments - I appreciated them like you couldn't imagine! Keep returning + keep thrifting.


Vonlipi said...

Don't worry girl! I know you have quite a collection and I'm sure we would be able to compromise!

Thanks you responding and don't worry thrifting is in my blood!

Your blog is the first I read in my super boring you that I hated soooo much, your thrifting finds kept me going trough some very hard times. So keep writing and I'll keep returning.


Madge said...