Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zohan loves hummus

I went to see Don't mess with the Zohan, and I loved it. It won't be making my Best movies of all times list, but it was entertaining. I LMAO. Of course it is childish. It insulted every minority under the sun and more! I did appreciate the fact that he had a thing for older, rounder wowen. And Adam Sandler worked real hard at the gym, that is for sure...

I spent my morning washing Barbie's clothes, dolls and accessories. I will try to sell them. I saw i had valuable stuff and i still need to take pictures. I will keep you informed.

Tomorrow is Salvation Army day, so I can't wait to see the treasure I might find. I will use the law of attraction to summun some Pyrex! So far I'm not have lunch with anybody, so I might go to the Golden Arches (it has been ages...)



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