Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh well!

This is a picture of the cactii garden (at right) I made yesterday using the cactus pot I got at salvation army last week and the tall spiky cactus my boss gave me on my last day at work.
So on with the post!!!
Ok days never develop like you plan, NEVER!

I'm not mad or anything, but it rained and I didn't take any pictures! I fixed the hose, filled the pool, sowed more cucumbers and some flowers. Did most of the work for the melon/squash patch. Prepared supper. Worked on the Barbie/Ebay thing and of course took a nap!

Tonite is the eve of my national holiday (the provincial one) and to celebrate in style I should go to a public place (park would be good) and drunk (on canadian beer, of course) and watch a bonfire/fireworks depending on the municipality.

We were supposed to make a fire outside, but I'm not sure. Not sure about the drinking part either...So I might watch West side story on Bravo!

I think I'm gonna be tired after listing those barbie clothes all evening....

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