Friday, June 27, 2008

Tropical Heat WAVE

Man it is hot in here! I feel like I am sitting inside a volcano! On the exterior thermometer it is 42 celsius which is 1000 degrees farenheit!!!
At left is a picture of the Wing's sign (noodle factory) in Montreal's Chinatown. It is a very old sign, and I had to take a picture! I just love old signs.

Yesterday at the Salvation Army they had a 50% off sale. When I arrived at 10 to 10 in the AM, the end of the line was in the street! OMG. And when the doors opened, people were running all over the place, and I found myself running with my little green basket, pushing and shoving people thinking " Get out of my way, keep your hands off my pyrex, you don't know nothing you fools! the Pyrex is mine, all mine, MINE damn it!" you know what ? I might need therapy....
Did I ever mention that my father is a Pyrex freak also? No? well he is and in a big way! Oh he is a character all right! My father decided that he was going to build me my Pyrex collection! And he enlisted Pyrex soldiers! Yes soldiers that roam the Montreal thrift stores and gather Pyrex for me! But soldiers need tutorials...some get sooo excited to find what they think is Pyrex that they buy anything! I get a lot of Corelle, and Fire King and Hazel atlas, you know the drill...After they report to my father, he puts the Pyrex in big plastic crates for me to collect when I visit.
Sometimes it takes the fun out of collecting but it gave a new bounce in my father's step (he's 72) so it is for a good cause.
So anyways yesterday I found a small butterprint refrigerator dish with cover (1.49), a square fruit salad transparent dish (.30) and a small cup (tom and jerry Xmas punch bowl set hazel atlas) for a measly 19 cents. All in all a very good morning.I included a picture of my finds!

I will keep you posted on the Barbie on Ebay situation in a later post...It did occupy me most of the week...
Have a nice weekend Thrifters....


Madge said...

I recently rec'd a Butterprint refrigerator dish as a gift...I just love them.

I'd love to meet your dad!

Vonlipi said...

He is something else that's for sure! Quite the passionate guy! We are going to Brimfield, Mass.
in September (one of the biggest Antiques show on the eastern seaboard) I imagine him running all over the place...

Thanks for leaving a comment, it is very validating.

libertybellepa said...

I'm green with envy!
I've tried to curb my Pyrex obsession by not going to thrift stores as much, but it's hard.
I want to give EVERY piece I find a new home, whether I need it or not!

Vonlipi said...

Well we have a rule in my house and it is: If i bring something in ,something must go my garden shed is full of box for my future yard sale!

Thanks for stopping by!