Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guitar angst

I couldn't find the picture with Yoda in the guitar case...So instead I give you Yoda in the laundry basket! Look at that 'You are bothering me!' face!
I started take guitar lessons in January and it's going ok. But I have a couple of First I'm lazy so I don't practice everyday, second my hands are not really bendy and last I can't always understands what the teacher says. The teacher speaks english and I speak english and he even does part of the course in french (for my benefit I'm sure) but sometimes I don't understand and since nobody really asks questions....I feel I'm the only yahoo who doesn't compute so I do panic a lot of the time. Lots and lots of weird conversations in my mind!!! On the last course of the session ( 2 weeks ago) I took a lot of notes but I still can't figure which strings I'm supposed to play...And I surely had a brain fart because I plopped down more of my hard saved cash to take guitar advanced. The first course is tonight and I'm fighting panic big time!
Well, spazzing in my blog was a good idea, because I feel better! What I can't understand is that I'm very artistic and I learn very fast, so why am I struggling??? I have a very good grasp of the english language, I could hold a telecom conversation about broadband no problem back in the day. Maybe the key is the laziness....Probably!!! LOL
I'll ask one of the cats to give me a swift kick in the pants!
I went to the church basement today and found 2 pillowcases that I will use in my living room, because I have bed pillows on my sofa (as you can tell it's very informal). It was SO formal at my parents place, I think I went to the living room 5 times a year. I also found a weird Xmas tablecloth, vintage but from the 80's I think. After I went to the hairdresser and got a haircut (as per Dan I was in danger of looking like a welfare recipient that we see on Jerry Springer-with a Mullet).
Tomorrow a big day! Downtown Montreal...I will be at the Salvation Army for the opening, then lunch with girlfriends and a good tune up at the chiropractor! Delicious :)


Anonymous said...

he is one cute cat! love the picture

loliecraft said...

Oh, learning guitar is so much fun! I found these videos on youtube a while ago..

and I found his instruction to be very clear and simple. If you're ever stuck on something, maybe they would help.