Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sugar shack

The picture is courtesy of www.bonjourquebec.com.
I always enjoy good value, especially at the restaurant.

I don’t want to pay for the name, the hype, the celebrity chef; I just want to pay for good honest food.

Take the sugar shack for example; in the greater Montreal region a typical meal would cost around 20$, which I find really, really overpriced considering that sugar shack food is eggs, potatoes, ham, lard, thick cut bacon, beans and maple syrup.

Okay there is the tradition, the facts that this supports maple products producers etc….But 20 $ is still too much for eggs (in my humble opinion).

For that price I could provide a similar kind of meal for 4 people.

Well in the Montreal region we have a visionary that will not only serve you a sugar shack meal but will charge you 45 $ for it. Yes you read that right! That is a lot of mullah!

Granted he is a well known chef and the food is fancier…. but enough is enough!!! I am certain I will not make any friends in the Montreal foodie world, but this guy is laughing at us all the way to the bank!!!

I have members of my family (not immediate) that think that this guy is a GENIUS…I ate his food once (Cassoulet), it was good but nothing to write home about!

So for that price you get…. pea soup, gravlax (marinated salmon), cretons (meat spread), mesclun salad with oreilles de crises (fried lard), and a souffléed omelet topped with mackerel and smoked beef.

I got this information in the Montreal Gazette. And imagine that, the omelet was bland! And the pea soup was good but couldn’t quite compete with the critic’s family recipe.

So far no ham….and no pan fried potatoes…strange! But get this if you want tourtiere (meat pie) you need to spend 15$ more. I hope it’s for the whole pie, but I could be wrong! LOL

They are now taking reservation for next year….

So Mr. Picard don’t count on me to make your bank account fatter.


loliecraft said...

Wow! That is quite a lot to pay for a meal, even by a fancy chef. It sounds like they are not hurting for business though! I think I'd rather stay in and cook a nice dinner for my family.

Vonlipi said...

I totally agree with you! A home cooked dinner is the BEST! :)