Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Merry Xmas to me!!!

Dad is a practical man. He loves giving me practical gifts. One year I got a bathroom window! So when he asked what I wanted for Xmas 2008, I said that we needed a chair for the living room so he could give that to me and Dan and his shopping troubles would be over.

So I measured the monster I had (coz in 1998 I didn't measure anything) and set out to find a chair that would fit nicely in my quite small living room and I searched high and low (I thought it couldn't be done)...until I found one in a montreal deco shop. But the salesrep was OBNOXIOUS, so we decided to leave the store with no chair. I was pissed off for a couple of weeks and then suddenly it dawned on me to complain about that service which made me feel like pigeon poo! So I complained and got 20% off and free delivery! How sweet is that??? So on December 26th 2008 we went and ordered that chair (we had to go there in person because the color was custom...). It was so long, so very long, I thought the chair would be outdated! Finally I received it yesterday after 4 months!!!

And it's a local chair made in Victoriaville Quebec! Yay for local goods! I just love the chair it has that new car smell....Needless to say that I camouflaged it with throws so the kitties don't use it as a scratching post (at least for the time being...)LOL

Thanks Dad for the chair! It's a beautiful Xmas gift!

Hugs and Kisses XOXOXOXOXO

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