Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tired I am....

Not the most beautiful pictures.....So we decided to paint the kitchen...and started by going to get all the materials at Home Depot on good friday. Saturday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed (I love that expression!) we began slowly but surely....One of my jobs was tackling the microwave stand. It's not used to carry the microwave but a tv stands on it and the rest id full of my cookbooks. Of course I would've prefered a hoosier, but not right
As you can see on the first pic, the scheme the kitchen was before. We had some khaki sand (on the wall) a lighter vserion of it on the top cabinets and the molding, the bottom of the cabinets was this dark indian blood-whew let me tell you it was time we changed those colors!!!
The red turned a kind of fushia and the other colors a kind of yellow ( could it be because of the smoke??? We smoked like chimneys before) 4 years smoke free in September 09!!! YAY!
Back to the program....And we had some funky faux finishes and varnish on a lot of surfaces. Dan is certainly the grand poobah of faux finish....On the top of the microwave stand was aluminum foil,all textured with some dark stain and varnish on it...quite nice at the time!
Suffice to say the kitchen is not done yet! LOL
I must go and give the last coat on some cabinet doors...It's gonna be GORGEOUS! Corn husk green and snow fall white (Behr paints).
I want to welcome the new followers, I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog!

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