Thursday, April 9, 2009

Problem fixed!

Well I fixed my guitar problem! I'm not to follow the 'advanced' class just yet, I will wait for September.
I stopped my check and slept like a baby. I will practice from now on, so I can play the !@#$%^&* bar codes. Then I'll probably feel ready for the next step.
I always had music fantasies growing up, but it never was within budget (as per Mom). I did get to figure skate for 4 years until the private lessons were inevitable and not within budget...
I was an only child and things had to be just so (as per Mom). It was all I knew. If something was not in my Mom's vision I could forget about it!!! Dad worked most of the time so he probably was never aware of this. I had a great childhood, but oh so different from all my friends and of course I wanted to be like them!
I wanted roast beef and mashed potatoes and I got shrimp tempura! Now I see the luck I had that my parents were so different, it definitely broadened my horizon!
The first time I had a hot chicken sandwich I was 24, and I found it soooo good that I had the same thing for supper the next day!!! LOL
Also nothing, I say NOTHING at the Salvation Army...It was as if someone made all the cool stuff disappear! Weird....
I also did 2 church basements and NOTHING...ok not true I found a weird looking little beaker of sorts...definitely not Pyrex, but interesting. After a good cleaning, I'll take a picture for your viewing enjoyment!
Be good and Happy Easter!

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