Friday, April 17, 2009

Slowly but surely...hehehe

Whooohoooo! I installed the spot in the kitchen!
Props to me!!! Logically the concept of electricity is relatively easy....Black wire to black wire, white to white, ground to ground...But installing light fixtures in a old house...another story!
So whenever I have to do it (I'm the house electrician and plumber) I shake in my underwear!
So I'm really proud of myself, I did it!!! I have to install a 3 spot track, but I don't know to which breaker those wires are attached to because they sit in a hole in the ceilling and have been that way for 8 or 9 years....And the guy or gal that wired the house was a joker for sure...I explain: By turning off the breaker to install that spot, I turn off my electric alarm clock in my bedroom on the second floor....How's that for funny? So I figure I'll have to buy a thing-a-majing to check if the current is running in those wires....LOL
Like my father would say: It keeps you occupied!
Dad is in Milano,Italy ,working and coming back next week. I can't wait! I really miss our nearly daily chats!!!
Guess what? I have to go and paint something !


Cynthia said...

Way to go! I would manage to mess it up and would end up frying myself. Have a great day!

tracy said...

OMG! thats fabulous... I have never tried to do anything 'lectrical!

Rock on!

Vonlipi said...

Thank you ladies! Changing a light fixture is super easy as long as you remember to close the breaker!