Saturday, April 11, 2009

Schmap Montreal

I got a nice email yesterday informing me that this picture would be included in the Schmap Montreal Seventh Edition!
I find this very cool that one of my fave pics of one of my favorite places would get chosen to appear in this guide about my hometown!
This very retro sign is of the Wing's chinese noodles company on Cote and dela Gauchetiere street.
The Wing Building may be the oldest building in Chinatown. It was built in 1826 by James O'Donnel, the architect of Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal. The Wing Building has been a military school, a paper boxfactory, and warehouse. Wing Hing Lung is a Chinese expression for "a long life" and Wing's is known for its fortune cookies and noodles. The company was founded by Arthur Lee who was born in Chinatown over seventy years ago.( courtesy of Montreal walking tours )
Well now you know just as much about that building as I do (lol). I couldn't find anything more in the web. But one thing is for sure, the next time I walk by I will look at it differently!!!

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