Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cornwall re-loaded

I was lucky enough to go to Cornwall this week.

We first stopped at Rob Mcintosh in Lancaster (gift shop extraordinaire). I very seldom buy stuff there (because of the price and besides I'm in the whole vintage thing...) But if you want to see tons of dishes,glasses,gifts,jewelry and other knick-knacks, by all means go! After back on the 401 until exit 789 and a quick stop at Value Village. There was nothing interesting for us....Then a pit stop at Dollarama for some gum and Scharffen Berger chocolate- yes a buck a bar!!! That is a GOOD deal considering that I see that brand for 4.99$ at regular stores.

We were famished so it was time for Pat's home cooking on Pitt street. You can't miss it the decor is froggy country and of course yellow and green...But Pat has some of the best homemade fresh never frozen french fries...and the coconut cream pie is to DIE for...sigh!

To burn calories, we took a troll on Pitt St, and stopped at Riley's bakery for some Almond tarts and 7 grain bread. Then we thrifted in a couple of secret spots....hehehe! I can't reveal all my sources! LOL

Also everytime I go I'm fascinated by the number of chinese restaurants....I googled the population of Cornwall and it's around 46,000 (a lot more than I thought!) but there's a lot of chinese restaurants nevertheless. I will have to count them someday.

Regarding the pictures: First picture is of a Pyrex 443 Friendship bowl that I found in Cornwall,in a closed flea market (the door was opened) the owner was nice enough to let us browse.

The second picture id of one of my all time favorite restaurant signs: The Jade Garden. It is sooooo retro! I love the colors. I have never been to that place, but we never know...I might try it on another visit....


mub said...

That's my faaaavorite Pyrex pattern!

Vonlipi said...

Thanks Mub! It is a lovely and cheery pattern!

Take care :)

Cynthia said...

It's fun to spend the day shopping with a friend. Love the bowl!

Vonlipi said...

Shopping with a friend is the BEST!