Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pay it forward

Last week, while watching delicious pictures of Pyrex on Flickr, I noticed that one of my Flickr contacts had bought a 502 refrigerator dish without the lid. This is quite common because the lids get separated or broken…

A couple of hours later, I remembered that I had a stand alone lid and so I thought why not offer it to her and bring a smile to her face? So I wrote her and she happily took it.

Same afternoon, I wrote an ebay seller to inquire about shipping charges for a Pyrex butter dish (snowflake blue), got my answer but forgot about the auction and didn’t bid and the auction closed (no one got the butter dish)….So I wrote the seller asking if I could purchase the dish in a Buy it now mode-staying legit with Ebay rules.

Well the seller answered: Are you the same Vonlipi from the Pyrex Love flickr group? I really enjoy your pictures! Why don’t you give me your mailing address and I’ll send it to you! It’s on me.

Okay how nice is that? I nearly cried. I was so touched by this gesture. Touched that this nice stranger not only liked my photos, but she would out of the goodness of her heart send me this beautiful piece of Pyrex!

It certainly solidifies my faith in mankind especially in these tough times. It is great that you spread love and good vibes around. It will come back to you for sure. Gallons and buckets and oodles of good karma.

Thank you Lori

I will never forget your kindness


loliecraft said...

How wonderful! You are so great for sending me that lid, and I'm so glad that someone has done something so great for you. We can only hope that someone does something kind for her and so on. I really do love the 'pay it forward' mentality. Not that we expect things in return, but that people can still be so kind. Thank you again!

Vonlipi said...

You're very welcomed! I was so glad to send it to you!

Enjoy it!

It made me feel warm and fuzzy and I was not expecting anything in return. So It was such a nice surprise! :)