Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you don't like it...Spray paint it!!!

I'm a BIG fan of spray paint! It can change the whole look of something for a couple of cents (what's not to like???) and I love recycling things arond the house so....It's a match made in reno heaven!
Still in the topic of the kitchen...Most of the doors are installed, so all that is left is the drawer fronts and the moldings.
My paper towel holder was bright red (It came with the house and the kitchen was all white with red accents), my milk bag holder was tired white and so was the plastic bag dispenser (to be frank it was beyond tired and dingy...). Even a good scrub couldn't freshen those too! So enter Rust-Oleum specialty paint for plastic. I love that stuff! True you have to be patient and apply a gazillion thin coats...but look on the first picture, black accessories....Just enough black for the new kitchen!

Second picture: The super vintage
tissue holder I found at Salvation army gets a new life and a new home with a couple of coats of bright white!
Super cool in the bathroom (just enough vintagey!)
I'm trying to have a garage sale at the end of May so I'm still busy, cleaning,tagging and boxing stuff. I will post some pictures of new finds soon as well as some from my garden.
Be happy and safe!


tracy said...

OH WOW! Nice. I've never done this but it looks so great... Im going to have to give some thought to what I can spray!

thanks for this!

Vonlipi said...

Thank you very much! I'm glad I could inspire you to look into that! It is a lot of fun!

Just remember to take it slow and shake the can very well!

libertybellepa said...

haha, my favorite is white - I spray all kinds of things, but mostly old picture frames.