Saturday, July 18, 2009

Adventures in scavenging....

Yesterday was another big garbage day, so I grabbed my trusty buggy and went hunting!
The pickins were slim! Most of the folks had thrown away their stuff last week...There was a lot of butt ugly wall to wall carpet!
A note on last week's big trash: My neighbors had incredibly UGLY furniture! No wonder they were throwing it away!
How long does it take to break down melamine? Everybody goes on and on about plastic bags...but the melamine-Think about it! Press wood full of chemicals and plastic coating....Hum! Anyways I came across this super retro vintage lawn chair...It was so heavy-thank god for the buggy!
I haven't tried it yet...I'll keep you posted!
You still have time to leave a comment on the giveaway post! The draw is tomorrow! So far it has been a really humbling experience...either my blog is even less popular that I thought or everyone has a red fridgie ( I love that new to me word. fridgie! so happy!)

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