Tuesday, July 14, 2009


OMG!!! It's still raining! The Weather network just forcasted overcast skies....SIGH! I go to the veggie patch and worry because the only thing growing is the lettuce and the arugula. We had some ants in the house Sunday, but now that I,m on official antwatch, I can't find any....We had some hail yesterday and that caused quite a panic in the feline population!

Belive it or not one of Dan's co-worker asked if I could give her some brown eyed susans and Alaska daisies! I could only laugh! I hope she has a big border! I'm kind of disoriented ,because the rain keeps me from working outside, so I'm scrambling for some things to do...Right now I'm reorganizing the Pyrex, reorganizing my Etsy merchandise and trying to have an internet garage sale on Craiglist....

I included a video of a rain concert (amazing). Also 2 pics of vintage thrifted linens from last week....I'm always amazed when I find new vintage things. The tea towel was never used (It's still crispy) and the bath towel was barely used. My mom would make us use the towels until you could see through them!!!

Remember that you have until the 18th to leave a comment for the Pyrex giveaway! Otherwise I'll send them both to the Netherlands....LOL


Mahmood said...

Your blog is very nice. The photographs are very beautiful. Wish you all the best. God is Great.


mub said...

The wicked part of me is hoping no one else comments ;)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Ohhhhhhhh those are fabulous things!!! You know I got a bunch of old kitchen linens, not new but great. I was going to ebay them and instead I threw out all my junky stuff and put those great estate sale finds right in my drawer!

I didnt comment. I have about 7 of them I found at an estate sale and to make you send one to me in the states would be like piggy :)

as to the rain, I sent it to you from new jersey.... didnt you like it?


Vonlipi said...

Mahmood: Thanks for your nice comments!

Mub: You are wicked! And oh so funny!

TCSB: I understand. I have 5 so I decided to streamline.I love vintage linens (my dad says it's genetic as well!)

As for the rain...Thank you! NOT!!!LOL