Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rain,rain go away!

As usual the pic is unrelated....It's a rock that I spotted in somebody's yard (yes I sneaked
I know for sure that it rained here on Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday (ok that's today...). What a strange day, you had bright sunshine for 10-15 minutes then a big shower out of the blue...
I tried to garden (because while away the garden EXPLODED!) For god's sake I was away only for 3 days! A lot of plants needed tutering and I had tons of new weeds (Where do they come from? Do I have little weed leprechauns waiting to plant weeds while I sleep???) And of course the pool was way too full, so I had to backwash....
I managed to dehydrate half a crate of strawberries (local....from just around the corner) and then I vacuum sealed them. They will taste dyn-o-mite with my winter oatmeal!
I can't wait to eat my beans and cukes. I will sow more beans tomorrow and prepare for the new week that's just around the corner....Later!

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