Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blackberries....And a Pyrex giveaway!!!

Blackberry season is in full swing on the side of my house! I just love those little nuggets of juicy goodness!

I eat a couple but the bulk goes to make the most delicious Blackberry jam....So good!

A friend gave me a root in a bucket about 10 years ago...I was clueless about growing them and not really interested to say the least! LOL

They are the easiest berries to grow, I don't water them, I don't fertilize them, the only thin I do is give them a good trim in the fall (cut all the branches that bore fruits).

And I finally understand why farmer's market sell them at crazy prices....They are a pain to pick!

All those thorns! For 2 weeks in July I'm covered with scratches. Well, why don't you cover yourself, you might ask?

Because FAT SWEATS!!! LOL! Thanks Tracy for that one! And it makes for great stories....
Not 15 minutes ago I got stuck in the bush...I had
a big branch full of thorns stuck in my hair! Ouch! And funny at the same time!
A couple of years ago I had a sweater and got stuck real deep in the blackberry bush....And couldn't get out and I kept calling for help...Yes it's embarrassing...LOL
In the Pyrex cup it's what I picked 20 min ago. I have to go back tomorrow morning otherwise the birds will eat them and crap purple all over my patio!

As for the Pyrex giveaway...well I'm so excited to have a new computer (It works like a charm) That I decided to spread the joy!
So please leave a comment on this post before July 19th and I will send 2 lucky winners a little Pyrex refrigerator dish! Now don't be shy, everyone is included! I will ship to Europe and to the U.S not to mention Australia! So spread the word I want lotsa and lotsa comments and new readers!


mub said...

Oooh a refrigerator dish! I've been wanting to find some of these, but they don't seem to be very common here.

Mom Walds Place said...

Oh my goodness you have a "monster raspberry bush"! They're known to take prisoners. Hide your women and children!

Our raspberry brambles finally produced enough to make jam AND goodies this year. Which is really nice since our cherry tree is pretty much dead.

I am so HAPPY that you have your computer! A part of your world is in order and under your control again. Makes tolerating the rain easier.

If you end up needing a laugh, I highly suggest The grammar is grating, but there's lots of CATS!

(ps. I know you have tons of photos you can finally load. I am so excited!)

Stephanie Reed said...

What pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing your blackberry adventures. Don't forget about the chiggers and the snakes that hang around!

The Pyrex refrigerator dishes take me back!

Vonlipi said...

Stephanie Reed: Chiggers? What do you mean chiggers??? And Snakes???? I'm happy to say that snakes are very rare in my neck of the woods! I saw a grass snake 10 years ago and that was enough! LOL

MWP: Yes that is quite a monster! I cut it back last fall...does it show? no! I don't have that much pics to load, but I will start to take pics again with the new computer!

mub: You find a lot of english pyrex and maybe they didn't manufacture the fridgies in England.

KathyInStitches said...

Love the blackberries!
I have a giant bush here too, and *ahem* purple bird poop on my car- they get to 'em faster than I do.

loliecraft said...

Ohh boo, I missed the giveaway! That's what I get for being busy and keeping away from my blog list for a week.