Friday, July 10, 2009

Adventures in scavenging....

I had to mail something this morning and while walking to the mailbox I remembered that it was big garbage pickup today....Oh my! The possibilities!
While reading my blog you might have noticed that I get really excited over small stuff....Nothing makes me happier than a big pile'0'garbage....And I keep having the recurrant fantasy that I will find mint Pyrex in the garbage! Not all loony tunes are locked up let me tell you that!
Well today with my enveloppe in hand I spied a wall of rejected furniture, old carpets and this adorable wicker chair!!! I had to move an old mattress and shelving units to get at it....Ok, ok the seat has a couple of holes, but I'm ornement with a plant on it....
After I freed the chair, I saw a big bunch of plastic plants...but wait just one minute! It's not just plastic crap, it's a big tomato plant, with small tomatoes in it! Well I just had to bring that home as well!
Who throws away a tomato plant???
I believe scavenging is genetic...Dad would bring furniture he'd found in alleys, Mom would recycle fabric until it died. When my Dad would have a hole in a sweater, well presto changeo, Mom would recut it, sew it back and it would become a dress for me...She would take white thights and dye them to match...I had a lot of brown and khaki outfits when I was small!!!

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Your right...throwing away a tomato plant with tomato is nuts! And that chair is adorable for a backdrop for ..stuff. Plants and things. love it..

And I am always on the look out on big pick up day too