Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Farm Fresh

I remembered not long ago that the neighborhood farm had a stand that sold fresh produce. So today that was the goal of my morning walk
I was surprised to see that they had so much veggies from their own land...My own are quite late,lol
I got new potatoes,yellow beans and lebanese cukes just picked from the green house. And I was in that green house, you can't get fresher than that and oh so local.
As an added bonus all their leftover plants are 25% off, so I got a beautiful burgundy echinacea. To make my walk even more fun I discovered a shortcut so the farm is even closer than I thought (10 min max by foot).
When I decided to blog about local goodness, Pyrex came to mind to showcase all that beautiful just picked freshness....So that is pic numero uno. As for the second pic...well I find that I'm strangely attracted to furniture on the side of the road..I can't bring it home, Dan would freak out about the space and is always trying to get rid of furniture....So that's why I took a pic!
Don,t you think it's a beautiful piece of furniture? Doesn't it deserve a home???


loliecraft said...

That dresser is so gorgeous!! I really wish I had stumbled across it myself, it would have been coming home with me! If it's still there I would be so tempted to drive all the way out there to pick it up.

The veggie photo is beautiful! I love that you can eat veggies the same day they were picked. So fresh!

Mom Walds Place said...

As I was going over some linens at a tag sale, I commented to the gal runnning it as way of explanation, that "I'm not allowed to bring home anymore projects until I finish the ones I have." To which she replied without missing a beat, "So you're not picking hubby up from work today?"

As much as I adore Hubby, I had to laugh hysterically. Best tag sale I've been to in ages!

Vonlipi said...

loliecraft: I'm going back to the farm stand 2 morrow, I need strawberries to make cordial and those new potatoes were oh so delicious (smashed with butter,S&P and green oions) I will buy some more....

Mom wald place: that was so funny! Sometimes I buy stuff and I hide it! I'm going back to the U.S in Septembere and will try to go back to big lots for sure!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

That dresser if fab. Your right... And I wish I could find a farm stand that wasnt priced higher than the markets. I think thats nuts personally. The really charge high around here.

I just cant afford it.

Vonlipi said...

Believe it or not that dresser is still there! LOL

The farm stand is just a little more expensive,but barely. I find it so important to support local farms, if possible,I shudder at the thought of the farms disappearing and the condos or McMansions moving in....