Friday, July 24, 2009

OOOoooh! Beans

Even if I chek everyday (I swear I do!!!) I was quite surprised to find these tresures waiting for me! It 's always a big deal when I get my first fresh beans.

These might be my all time fave veg, when cooked perfectly they are tender and have a little fuzz on them...But I find this only in my garden grown beans. And what a coincidence that I go in the garden with this Pyrex red bowl! I like the colors of this pic the green beans, the red bowl, the redwood patio and the textures too.
When I first started this blog/pic/etsy thing I never thought I would enjoy taking pictures so much-some are good, some are really good, some are bad....but it's trial and error like all things in life! I've had a really good week mentally, all the pieces seem to fit togheter and I'm in the zone. OooooH baby I love the zone! Where I can do no wrong...Where everything I try seems easy....and everything is fun and new

Speaking of fun....Here are some pics of the cool stuff I found in my beloved church basement!

The Pana-Vue reminds me of my childhood...Dad was definitely a slide man! He had boxes and boxes of them and every one in a while we would put on a show (a big classic in the 60's)
The cute cups are minty fresh and I don't think the ones with the pear were even used once! Cool!!!
I hope the rain stays away for 2morrow coz' we'll be visiting a big garage sale and the Salvation Army (to donate as well as shop....) Oh the possibilities.....


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Those mugs are great! Are they fireking??? I never find good mugs..If you want to find out the keyword thing you need a statcounter that provides other data. Some free ones will do it, mine does. It doesnt give as much data as the pay subscribers but if you mostly want it for counting that doesnt matter.

the one I have is on my sidebar - and its a free one, you can probably get to the site by clicking mine. But a lot of free counters will do that

Ms. Hawkins said...

Love the mugs! I should be so lucky to find a mug as cute as the one with the robin. You must have a hidden birthmark the shape of a horseshoe! Lucky girl. P.S. I'm growing beans too - purple ones. Nothing tastes better than freshly picked vegetables.
Erin - Toronto Yard Sale Snoop

Vonlipi said...

TCSM: the bird mug is Anchor Hocking (same shape as Fireking) and the pear ones are Termocrisa (Mexico).
I'll look into that statcounter thing

Ms Hawkins: Ooooh you have 2 identities! How cool!
I have purple beans as well but they were not ready yet. I can't wait to dig in!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Anchor Hocking - yes, I should have said that...I meant the more generic term. duh. SO NICE. Went to an estate sale yesterday and nothing. sigh. and it was kinda far too. hate that... it was like leftovers after the house was cleaned out by the family sorta thing. And thats fine but dont bill the thing as a packed full house. Thats just wrong...

Dime Store Thrift said...

THOSE MUGS! OMG! And the beans look yummy too:)