Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Mish Mash

Today I will blog about an ecclectic mix of stuff...
Last year I had enough of my neighbors complaining that my blackberry bush was srcatching their cars ( In my humble opinion they just had to drive more to the other side to avoid such incidents). It was not like the bush was keying their cars (?%$!"/$%)! So I gave said bush a MEGA trim last fall, so big was the trim that i was sure I would'nt have much of a blackberry harvest...Well SURPRISE! I have a bumper crop, I gathered at least 12 cups of those little nuggets of flavor, some jam will be made shortly, but for now they all went in the deep freeze. First pic is my hand stained with blackberry juice- all out of focus thank you very much! lol

Second pic : Those same neighbors have a statue of a little boy sitting on the patio. The strange thing is that it is a statue of a little black boy painted to look like a little white boy.... An attempt at humour? I doubt that very much...I'll have to investigate!
When I moved to the suburbs I found their lawn ornements real weird... One could see at lot of little black boys fishing, black jokeys carrying lanterns, mexicans pulling donkeys and tons of virgin marys in half baths just like a grotto....

Now we are being gentrified...housing prices are going up and people are jonesing to keep up with the jones....add to that the politically correctness wave...Most of those ornements are gone! Yet some people find it perfectly ok to underpay and abuse the migrant workers that come to pick our crops (Go figure!)
Last pic: I had never seen such a funky looking caterpillar so I just had to take a picture!
Tonite I'm making an Indian meal, tandoori tofu,curry lentil, paneer with spinach and basmati rice. First attempt at tandoori tofu, I'll keep you posted.
I'm also taking a keyboard fingering course (I had to translate doigté de clavier so I'm guessing) to help me type better and not injure myself....
Have a great weekend all! :)

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

No clue about mr. bug...all with you on annoying sympathies, you poor thing...and as far the the statues.

Ive noticed that same thing. People who leave them up, and they rarely do paint them. I only knew one family who had one when I was growing up, and than it was painted and than it came down.